We are a pan-African creative agency working on all manner of challenges that require a strategic approach.


Our journey has seen us design furniture for bars in Angola; create an award-winning documentary series on Africans blazing a path of inspiration; taken a branded Winnebago and party roadshow across Mozambique; curate the music line up of the FIFA World Cup experience in Cape Town; produce foot stomping jingles in bustling Maputo; and explore the far markets of Africa with excited
clients in search of exquisite and rare African craft.







Jonny Cohen


Jonny has been traveling and working across Africa extensively since leaving school.


His insights and connections into myriad African communities and markets across the continent, coupled with the eye and experience as an international creative director, are a valuable combination.


Jonny is always inspired by nature, and on weekends is either surfing or running in the mountains.


+27 83 441 5449


Shona has more than 20 years experience working in the creative and client world. The last 12 years has seen her expanding and experiencing all that Africa has to offer.

Her passion lies in client relationships, and she takes prides on delivering quality projects that exceed expectations.

From managing multi-African country immersions, and photo shoots, to shopping for drums in Ghanaian markets, her energy and enthusiasm runs high. 


+27 82 569 8087

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